Kevin Weeks Takes The Witness Stand in Whitey Bulger Trial

whitey bulger trial artist sketchKevin Weeks, former Winter Hill Gang member and close friend of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger took the witness stand on Monday, July 8th, 2013.   He was on the stand for two days. Bulger’s defense attorney, J.W. Carney cross examined Weeks.   After reviewing court documents and depositions it was plain to see that Weeks perjured himself in his testimony in John Connolly’s trials in Boston and Miami.   READ FOR YOURSELF:

Compare POST-TRIAL TESTIMONY OF KEVIN WEEKS with his testimony yesterday and today in Bulger trial.   Kevin knows Pat Nee was the other shooter in the Halloran and Donahue murders.

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Kevin Weeks testifying in Miami at John Connolly’s trial in November 2008.



Weeks’ perjury is best displayed by contrasting his trial testimony with his Post-Trial Deposition testimony and the statements he provides to Justice Task FOrce Investigators as reflected in  his DEA-6 Report of 1-24-01.

Weeks’ Trial Testimony, May 14, 2002, Tr., 202, 17-19

QUESTION: Would it be accurate to describe yourself as Bulger’s right hand man at the time?


However, that’s not the answer he provided later under oath at his civil deposition!

Weeks’ Deposition of August 8, 2004, Tr., 16, 13-17

QUESTION: Would you be fairly described as Bulger’s right hand man? Would you agree with that?


Weeks’ Deposition Tr., 17, 4

QUESTION: Did you ever consider yourself his [Bulger’s] right hand man?


Or on Weeks’ association with the Winter Hill Gang.

Weeks’ Trial Testimony, May 14, 2002, Tr., 204, 21

QUESTION: Now at some point Mr. Weeks, did you come to consider yourself as part of the Winter Hill organization?


Weeks’ Deposition Testimony, August 24, 2004, Tr., 14, 23-24

QUESTION: Were you ever a member of the Winter Hill Gang?


Kevin Weeks’ perjury is magnified even further in his materially critical testimony given at the Connolly trial when he said, that while acting as the lookout during the murders of gangsters, Halloran and Donahue, he observed the shooting take place and its actual participants.  On cross-examination Weeks’ states on May 15, 2002, Tr., 135-136

Weeks’ Trial Testimony on Cross-examination, May 15, 2002, Tr., 135-136

QUESTION: Now you say that Bulger was in a car with another person; isn’t that right?

ANSWER: Correct.

QUESTION: Mr. Bulger was in the front and another person was in the back?


QUESTION: Who was in the back?

ANSWER: He had a ski-mask on.

QUESTION: Are you testifying that you didn’t know who was in the back seat of Mr. Bulger’s car?

ANSWER: I could speculate who was in the back, but I didn’t see their face.

QUESTION: Didn’t that person wave to you?


QUESTION: Didn’t you see that person’s eyes?

ANSWER: Yes, I saw the eyes.

QUESTION: Didn’t you know who it was?

ANSWER: No, I could speculate who it was, but, no, I couldn’t tell you who it was. If I could tell you who it was, I would.

QUESTION: You know to a fair degree of certainty who it was.

ANSWER: I have a pretty good idea.

QUESTION: Who was that? Mr. Bulger: Objection, your Honor.

THE COURT: What is the objection?

MR. DURHAM: He said he couldn’t identify the person in the matter of that nature.

THE COURT: I thought he said he had a pretty good idea.


THE COURT: I will let her have it. Go ahead.

ANSWER: It was Jimmy Mantville or Pat Nee.

QUESTION: And you knew both of these individuals, did you not?


However, prior to the trial in Weeks’ DEA-6 Report of Jan 24, 2001 when asked the same question about who the shooter in the back seat was, Weeks’ coughed up Pat Nee.

DEA-6 Report of Jan 24, 2001

“I believe it was Pat Nee.”

There is no mention of any James “Jimmy” Mantville, and Weeks knew that Bulger had kicked Mantville out of his crew at least a decade earlier in the early 1970’s.  At the time of Weeks testimony, Mantville had died of natural causes.  Also, in his DEA-6 of Jan 24, 2001 it states on Page 10:

“Hurley told Bulger that Halloran was then at the Pier Restaurant on Northern Avenue.” According to Weeks, Bulger immediately began looking for Stephen Flemmi and Pat Nee.

More importantly, on Page 12 of his DEA-6 Report, Weeks is quoted as stating that he ran into Jimmy Montville the next morning after Halloran’s murder at a breakfast restaurant in Sout Boston.  The report state:

“Weeks indicated that Mantville was claiming responsibility for the Halloran shooting,even though he had nothing to do with it.”

The inescapable conclusion is that Kevin Weeks perjured himself in his trial testimony regarding Pat Nee’s involvement in the murder.  IT defies credibility that Weeks could be involved in a gangland murder as co-conspirator and not know the identity of one of his co-perpetrators in the murder!  In addition to the testimony and statements of Kevin Weeks placing Pat Nee directly as a shooter in the Halloran-Donahue murders, Weeks’ criminal associate, Stephen Flemmi, in his  deposition testimony of April 28, 2005 (Tr., 132) also corroborates the involvement of Pat Nee in these murders; proving Weeks’ perjured himself at the Connolly trial.

Flemmi Deposition Testimony, April 28, 2005, Tr. 132

QUESTION: And Mr. Bulger was involved in the Halloran murder?

ANSWER: In Halloran’s murder?



QUESTION: And Weeks was involved in the Halloran murder?


QUESTION: Was anyone else involved in the Halloran murder?

ANSWER: Well, I don’t know if it came out on the record, but we discussed that, yes.

QUESTION: Who was the other person?

ANSWER: Pat Nee.

MR.ROSE: Pat Nee.

QUESTION: How do you know Pat Nee was involved in this?

ANSWER: It came up in conversation afterwards. I knew about it.

It is apparant that Pat Nee was debriefed with regard to these murders and other murders that he was involved in and was “cooperating” with the government as a government witness, yet, no reports were ever produced to the  defense counsel for John Connolly.

Witness Jamie Parker

There also appeared in the May 25, 2005 Boston Herald an article written by J.M. Lawrence entitled “Little Whitey Lies: Hit Witness Talks.” The article contains even more “newly discovered evidence!”  The article identified a man named, Jamie Parker, as a close eye witness to the Halloran Donahue murders.  The article states that: Click here to Read entire article

“Bulger’s Lieutenant, Kevin Weeks, who became a government witness, testified in 2002 (Connolly trial) that Bulger and a masked-man murdered Halloran and Donahue as Weeks watched from a nearby car.”

In contrast to the self serving testimony of Kevin Weeks, Jamie Parker is quoted as stating that he was in his mother’s car with lobsters:

“When he saw a ‘white Irish guy with glasses’ execute a man who tries to run from a car on Northern Avenue. He also saw another shooter kill the car’s driver with a pistol.”

The Boston Herald article further states:

“About two years ago, State Police interviewed Parker about whether the gunman he saw wore ski masks.‘there were no masks, he told them.”

Additionally, the article noted that a 1982 Boston Police Department report listing Parker as a witness to the hit was under seal in Federal Court.  It is clear that what Jamie Parker told State Police investigators after John Connolly’s trial is at material and  disturbing odds with both Kevin Weeks’ trial testimony and his January 24, 2001, DEA-6 Debriefing Report.

John Connolly has now presented to the court the affidavit of an individual identified as “John Doe #1” for purposes of insuring his safety.  It is now obvious that Kevin Weeks perjured himself during his trial testimony in an attempt to protect his good friend, Pat Nee, so that Weeks would have a criminal ally to protect him when he resumes his criminal activities now that he is back on the street.  A similar scheme by Weeks is also underway to secure the release of Weeks’ close pal, Freddie Weitchell.  For the purposes of joining Weeks and Nee in controling the criminal rackets in the South Boston, Dorchester area. Weitchel and his brother are both serving life sentences for murder.

What is especially disturbing about John Doe #1’s affidavit is that it appears that the government itself may have been inexclusably complicit in this scheme between Kevin Weeks and Pat Nee in arranging for Weeks’ testimonial fiction.  This new, credible and material evidence supports the fact that Kevn Weeks was indeed accorded certain undisclosed “special benefits” by prosecutors who provided the incarcerated Kevin Weeks the opportunity to communicate in private with Patrick Nee, “to straighten everything out.”  This embarrasing disclosure would have been of enormous value and importance during the cross-examination of Kevin Weeks.  How could the government explain arranging and permitting Kevin Weeks, an admitted serial killer, to directly communicate with a fellow gang member, and fellow serial killer, at any time while in custody?  For what possible reason if not to rehearse Kevin Weeks trial perjury?


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