Former Mafia Boss Francis Salemme Arrested for Murdering A Witness

Former Key Prosecution Witness Against John Connolly Arrested for Murder!Francis_Salemme_Boston_Glo

Former Mafia boss Francis P. Salemme was arrested August 10, 2016 for murdering Stephen A. DiSarro.  Salemme was brought to federal district court in Boston, Massachusetts for his initial appearance on murder charges.  The government moved for detention and Salemme waived his preliminary hearing and agreed to a voluntary order of detention.  Salemme was remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals.

Francis Salemme was a key prosecution witness against John Connolly in his 2002 Boston racketeering trial.  After Connolly’s trial Francis Salemme admitted to an FBI informant that he fabricated his testimony at Connolly’s trial at the insistence of federal prosecutors, who threatened he wound “die in prison” if he did not give evidence against Connolly.




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